Conway, Arkansas - October 27, 2012


Why sponsor?

Sponsors are what make pyArkansas possible. Without sponsors, we wouldn't be able to bring in speakers, nor would we be able to rent nice, large meeting facilities. Having sponsors provide financial support as well as prizes and giveaways also lets us keep pyArkansas FREE OF COST to all attendees. That's right, from year one, pyArkansas has been free, and we would love to keep it that way.

Providing support for pyArkansas shows that you care Python and the spirit of opensource. People look to the sponsors to see who's using and supporting Python, and these are the organizations that attendees want to buy from and work for.

Who will you reach?

pyArkansas draws a very diverse variety of people. In the past, attendees have ranged from high school students, college students, college and university staff and professors, professional, amateur, and hobbyist programmers, and Python Software Foundation members.

How to sponsor pyArkansas

We would love to have you as a sponsor. We have a full sponsor prospectus available.

If you are interested in sponsoring pyArkansas or have any questions, please contact Chad Cooper at

Payments toward pyArkansas are handled through the Python Software Foundation. To make a financial contribution to the pyArkansas effort, please visit the PSF's pyArkansas payment gateway. No login will be required.